Saturday, June 03, 2006


Meat meet


The end of Week of Steak fast approaches. Fast as in... I'm going to stop eating when it finishes.

To celebrate, I suggest a feast. Let's all go out and eat steak on Monday night. Email me if you're in. I'll book a table on Sunday.


Gout and about.

And you thought I'd given up on this blogger-cise. Begone doubters!

Anyway. The big surprise is that I've decamped to San Francisco for a few days. I'm on an EXCITING press trip for PCG. The last three days have been consumed by two overlapping concerns. Sweet-talking videogame developers, and searching out the best meat in San Fran. Fnarr.

Thursday's steak was a lovely broiled piece of meat from a restaurant on a pier. Beforehand, a tramp had given me a brief tour of the docks, but I got scared, made some excuse about being hungry, and fled into the nearest restaurant. That was a great move - they did ace food, and didn't mind me taking pictures of my plate. In fact, they thought it was kind of sweet.

Friday's steak was a monster, eaten in a Mexican restaurant, with important dev people in tow. They seemed impressed with the endeavour, but had no desire to join in.

Today's steak was a bit rubbish, tbh. From Lories Diner, just off Union Square. Too much gristle. It was the first steak that I didn't really enjoy. If someone can explain how to sync a smartphone with an ibook, you can see the pictures.

Link of the day:
Thanks Jonty!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Exclusive TEASER information!

I have a surprise for tomorrow. I'm not sure how much of a surprise it's possible to pull off in a blog devoted entirely to me eating steak, but I'm going to try.

Here's a hint. It involves me eating steak.


A bowl of meat

A rump steak costs five pounds from Waitrose. 'Frying steak', which I presume is shorthand for 'the un-named bits' is 3 quid for three. Frying steak it is.

The steak joined two lumps of Pak Choi, mushrooms, spring onions and noodles in a bowl, with a little broth. I thought it might have been a little tough, but briefly boiling it in the broth softened it slightly.

Here we have the before shot. Mmm. Looks tasty. It was.

Note: pictures courtesy of Craig, who joined me for steak. He seemed to enjoy it.


In this searing heat... I suggest a steak.

The debate in the office went like this.

"A sirloin wrap is still a steak, yeah?"
"Don't be ridiculous. It's a steak, cut into pieces, and placed in a tortilla."
"It's more steak than steak. I could get away with a weensy little fillet, but instead, I'm eating a whole steak AND SOME SALAD."
"So. Steak wrap it is then."

The wrap was from the excellent Jazz Cafe in the centre of Bath. When you go in, make sure you leave a good hour and an a half - the service is oh-so slow.

No pictures, but Graham and Tom were there, so if you want someone to verify, ask them.

*Brief admin note - Blogger swallowed this post whole, so it's a day late. Maybe they're vegetarians.*

Monday, May 29, 2006


Day one - the left overs.

This was the leftovers from Day One steak. It was a traditional steak, chips and beans deal, with a piece of meat the size of my face. Look. You can still see a little bit of fat left over.


Introduction to the project


My name is Tim. My girlfriend is away for the week, giving me ultra-choice in my food consumption. Hence: the week of steak.

The rules are simple - I'm going to eat a steak a day. I've already eaten the first one (no pictures, but it was goooood), and will eat my last steak this time on Monday night. So very, very tasty.

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