Wednesday, May 31, 2006


In this searing heat... I suggest a steak.

The debate in the office went like this.

"A sirloin wrap is still a steak, yeah?"
"Don't be ridiculous. It's a steak, cut into pieces, and placed in a tortilla."
"It's more steak than steak. I could get away with a weensy little fillet, but instead, I'm eating a whole steak AND SOME SALAD."
"So. Steak wrap it is then."

The wrap was from the excellent Jazz Cafe in the centre of Bath. When you go in, make sure you leave a good hour and an a half - the service is oh-so slow.

No pictures, but Graham and Tom were there, so if you want someone to verify, ask them.

*Brief admin note - Blogger swallowed this post whole, so it's a day late. Maybe they're vegetarians.*

I attest to nothing! Except perhaps the refreshing elegance of the chicken salad at the Jazz Café. And the slow service. And that it was too cold, that day, for a T-shirt.

But the steak wrap is cheaper than a steak. Therefore it must be less.
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