Saturday, June 03, 2006


Meat meet


The end of Week of Steak fast approaches. Fast as in... I'm going to stop eating when it finishes.

To celebrate, I suggest a feast. Let's all go out and eat steak on Monday night. Email me if you're in. I'll book a table on Sunday.


Gout and about.

And you thought I'd given up on this blogger-cise. Begone doubters!

Anyway. The big surprise is that I've decamped to San Francisco for a few days. I'm on an EXCITING press trip for PCG. The last three days have been consumed by two overlapping concerns. Sweet-talking videogame developers, and searching out the best meat in San Fran. Fnarr.

Thursday's steak was a lovely broiled piece of meat from a restaurant on a pier. Beforehand, a tramp had given me a brief tour of the docks, but I got scared, made some excuse about being hungry, and fled into the nearest restaurant. That was a great move - they did ace food, and didn't mind me taking pictures of my plate. In fact, they thought it was kind of sweet.

Friday's steak was a monster, eaten in a Mexican restaurant, with important dev people in tow. They seemed impressed with the endeavour, but had no desire to join in.

Today's steak was a bit rubbish, tbh. From Lories Diner, just off Union Square. Too much gristle. It was the first steak that I didn't really enjoy. If someone can explain how to sync a smartphone with an ibook, you can see the pictures.

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